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Sweet Simple Vegan: Lunch & Dinner

Jasmine Briones
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22 easy gluten-free, salt-free and low fat vegan recipes to help you take charge of your health!

My name is Jasmine, the author behind this ebook and Just as my name suggests, all of my recipes are sweet, simple and always vegan. I simplify things to make a plant-based lifestyle more approachable and appealing. 

Thank you to all of my followers on both my blog and Instagram account. I am grateful to have you here to share these recipes with, and I am glad to be a source of inspiration for you as you take charge of your health! I couldn't have been here without you all.

xo, Jasmine

Here’s a little preview of the recipes:

  • Detox Soup
  • Ricotta-Stuffed Portabella Mushrooms
  • Cauliflower Shepherd’s Pie
  • Farmer’s Market Salad
  • Spanish Rice
  • Miso-Glazed Eggplant
  • Cucumber Dill Salad
  • Portobello ‘Asada’ Taco Plate
  • Summer Squash Pilaf
  • Eggplant Rotallini
  • Mango Quinoa Salad
  • + 11 more!

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Sweet Simple Vegan: Lunch & Dinner

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